The Science behind Sambucol

How Sambucol Works

Influenza viruses replicate themselves by entering healthy cell membranes and then spread throughout the body.

Several studies suggest that Sambucol’s distinct mode of action works by preventing the initial viral infection through three simultaneous ways.

Sambucol Mode of Action

Clinical and Research Summary

1995 – Influenza B Trial1
Significant improvements were seen in 93.3% of the group taking Sambucol®. A complete cure was achieved in 2 to 3 days in almost 90% of the Sambucol® treated group.
2001 – Immune System Study (in vitro)2

Sambucol® was found to be beneficial to the stimulation of the immune system in healthy individuals. Also excellent results have been found in more “sensible” patients with influenza, cancer and HIV which have decreased immune functions.

2004 – Influenza A Trial3

Sambucol® was again shown to significantly reduce the duration of influenza by approximately 3-4 days. The use of pain relievers was significantly less in the Sambucol® group than amongst the placebo group.

2006 – Avian Flu Study (in vitro)4

Sambucol® was at least 99% effective at inhibiting growth of H5NI (avian “flu” virus).
2009 – Swine Flu Study (in vitro)5
Research has observed that in vitro the flu-inhibiting activities of the elderberry flavonoids compare favourably to pharmaceutical products, such as the Tamiflu3 drug which was widely prescribed for swine flu sufferers in the UK in 2010.
2017 – Antiviral Effects (Meta-analysis)6
Sambucus nigra L. is promising as an inexpensive and low-risk treatment for influenza and other viral and non-viral pathogens – and potentially as a preventative for acute viral infections as well.
2019 – Anti-influenza Activity7
Elderberry extract is effective in treatment of flu. In conclusion, elderberry exhibits multiple modes of therapeutic action against influenza infection.
2020 – SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) Study (in vitro)8

Sambucol had a positive result as an anti-viral against coronavirus. The lab study observed Sambucol caused a 41% inhibition of viral particle replication of coronavirus at a dilution of 1:32.


A randomised single blinded study investigating the role of Sambucol Black Elderberry liquid (Sambucol nigra) in the treatment, progression and reduction of symptoms in participants with Coronavirus-19. Trial began January 2021 and is ongoing.

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