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"I have been prescribing Sambucol a black elderberry nutritional product to my patients for many years, with good feedback on the benefits. Sambucol helps to boost the immune system and also has an anti -viral effect. It therefore may be of benefit for reducing the symptoms and shortening the duration of the common cold."
Dr John Moran
"I have been taking Sambucol for a few years and it always works on my colds, my husband's man flu and I also give it to my 2 year old daughter. Last summer I was feeling a little down and came down with shingles. Having had it before, I knew I was going to suffer for a number of weeks. But suddenly I thought to myself: 'Well if it works on cold virus, it might work on another type of virus.' So I took a high dose for three days and low and behold, on day four, the stabbing shingles pain disappeared, and I was at work the day after. Amazing stuff. I now use it on cold sores too."
Mrs Everton
"Right at the top of our strategy list is Sambucol an immune support liquid, which quite frankly tastes delicious. What’s more as the range has products suitable for the whole family, we’re all involved which definitely helps to encourage the children to take theirs. …this is a liquid which definitely packs a punch."
Starlight and Stories
"Sambucol is an immune boosting liquid which is great for my children as they dislike sweets (my kids are strange) and I pop some in their morning juice and they don’t even notice."
Mum Force
"The worst thing about back to school is the fact that the kids catch all of the germs and bring them home with them. Sambucol For Kids is a delicious berry flavoured syrup for immune support in children under 12. Black Elderberry has more than 50% the antioxidant power of other fruits like blueberries and the added Vitamin C helps to keep their immune systems at their best."
Tired Mummy of Two
"My name is Katy, I have had a severe form if rheumatoid arthritis since I was a little girl (so severe that I had multiple joint replacement as a thirteen year old). I have been pumped full of prescription drugs and have tried various forms of therapies and used all herbal alternative medicines going with really little effect...well I thought I had until I found Sambucol! It seems to have been a wonderful product to have stumbled across. It has warded off horrid bugs and viruses that I always get that have been passed on by my close loved ones.... It has also more surprisingly helped with my joints helping reduce swelling, reduce pain, and increased flexibility greatly! I stumbled upon this product for my cold never thinking for one minute it would help my RA, but found it very beneficial to my condition so more people should know about this fantastic syrup! As I say many drugs and many years of suffering from arthritis (26 years to be precise) and little helps or holds my condition, so finding something which boosts my health so much and gives me an unbelievable amount of flexibility (flexibility I never knew I had) is wonderful."
Katy Hardaker
"I would like to write about my experience with Sambucol. Every winter I used to catch colds and flu, like the rest of us, but I would invariably also develop complications, such as bronchitis. My son was suffering from frequent sinusitis after a bout of cold or flu. When I first started taking Sambucol I noticed that flu symptoms were a lot milder and generally the illness subsided a lot quicker. First symptoms, such as sore throat, would last for a couple of days, but will gradually disappear, never developing further. My son was sinisitis-free for the first time in years last winter! When we recognise first signs of flu or cold, we start taking Sambucol 3 times a day and get an almost instant relief. I am simply astounded at its effectiveness. Thank you for developing this product."
Ms A Hewstone
"My husband was suffering from extreme allergies at one point last year and he had been very unwell and run down for several months. I read about Sambucol in a newspaper article where it said it could help boost the immune system, so I immediately went out and bought it for my husband to try. The result was amazing - within a short time he looked and felt much better and I believe that Sambucol helped his body gain strength to fight the allergies. We always have a bottle in the medicine cabinet now. Thank you."
Mrs E McAlpine
"For the immune system I like black elderberry. Rich in antioxidants known as anthocyanins, black elderberries are known for their immune boosting effects. I’ve been taking Sambucocl for a while now and they have a good product range – including capsules and liquids. Each product contains vitamin C and zinc. We know that vitamin C helps to stimulate the production of white blood cells. Just one Sambucol capsule provides 200mg of vitamin C, 6 mg of zinc and 3.8g of black elderberry juice. I really think Sambucol is one of the strongest immune combinations on the market."
Rosie Millen
Miss Nutritionist, Blogger
"I must say that since taking the Sambucol immuno forte range, I am full of energy! I like the capsules best as it is easy to have it first thing in the morning with my coffee."
Frenchie Mummy
"When my daughter and I arrived in London in late 2010, she had to adapt to a new city, a certain level of pollution, and starting in a nursery for the first time ever. I was attracted to its natural ingredient and simplicity of Sambucol. So, I started taking it and found it very simple to take and thought it tasted great. Then, I gave it to my daughter to try, and I am very pleased so far with the results. I give her 5 ml in the evening, as part of her bed time routine. She enjoys the taste and takes it without a fuss."
J. Twinning
"It's not often people give praise where it's due and I feel I have to write to you to express how extremely happy and over the moon I am with your amazing product! My 4yr old boy is constantly poorly with whatever bug is around, he has a slightly low immune system so picks everything up. I have had him to the doctors several times and in December last year demanded blood test etc... as I was beside myself. All tests were fine. So I popped into Holland and Barret, explained everything and they recommended your black elderberry liquid. I started Ronnie on immediately (Jan) and it's completely changed him... since he has been taking it he has been ill 3 times! ! But recovered far quicker than normal!! And it's amazing as he was ill every other week before!! I could cry at how good this has changed him and I wanted to thank you immensely! I have posted your product on Facebook telling people to try it and all my friends know about it and are now using it. SO THANK YOU a million times over."

Regards a very happy mummy.
Leanne Kerley
"Dear Sir/Madam, Hello! I do use your products which are truly beneficial to my good health. My family and I like all your products very very much indeed. I'll feel greatly obliged if you could keep me up to date with your products. Kindly note I'm senior and health and safety officer and I do bring awareness and benefits of good health to others through very very good products like yours. Your help, advice, understanding and precious are greatly appreciated. Have a very pleasant and highly successful day. Thanking you all immensely. Warmest regards with very best wishes."
R. Punater
"I couldn't believe it made such a difference, I felt awful one day, I couldn't get out of bed, and then two days later I was back at work. Now I take Sambucol every day to help stop me getting ill again, and I've been healthy since I began taking it – no mean feat in my line of work! I also used to suffer badly from mouth ulcers, which meant I had trouble eating and was in pain all the time. My doctor said it was due to stress and a sluggish immune system, and since taking Sambucol I haven't had any. I'm really impressed with this product, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to boost their immunity."
Melanie Willow
"Overall we’ve all been really impressed with the Sambucol range. It tastes great, and all of us have enjoyed adding it into our daily routine. The range of options available in the Sambucol range is really impressive, as no matter how and when you want to take your supplement, there is an easy way of incorporating Sambucol into your day. Whilst we are regularly advised that supplements and vitamins aren’t a replacement for a healthy diet, they can definitely help give our immunity a boost during the colder winter months, and I am hoping that by continuing to take daily along with small improvements to our lifestyle and meals, I will see less of the germs taking hold for the remainder of the year!"
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